About Us

Starlor, is a project by passion driven people that aims to promote upcoming talent. We appreciate and welcome talented individuals to provide an unexpected degree of insight into your identity. This is your chance to showcase your skills!

We bring in amazing talent and experienced recruiters under one roof to build a portal outside barred boundaries to put your talent on its destined path. We aim to provide artists with a chance to get selected in multiple projects where they can showcase their talents in the best possible way. Our objective is to get artists in touch with different organizations, where Starlor will be acting as a bridge between artists and recruiters. Recruiters will have a chance to scroll through a vast pool of talent from diverse fields of arts and entertainment and will be able to interact directly with the artists.

Starlor brings in a complete solution-oriented platform from showcasing your talent to getting recruited without going through any lengthy processes, which makes it convenient, time saving and hassle free. With Starlor, getting on stage is now just a click away.

Register yourself, catch our recruiting team’s eye and fulfil your dreams!

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